The Covid challenge brings new requirements for leaders that may seem counterintuitive

I would like to introduce you to a client of mine who is an extraordinary human being. I had the privilege of coaching Dr. Frank Licari, his administration, and faculty, to help create a new model of dental education. Dr. Licari is Dean of the College of Dental Medicine at Roseman University, Salt Lake City.

I have found that an essential attribute to being a leader is authenticity. Authenticity includes honesty, which gives the leader clarity about the objective state of things so she/he can take appropriate action, and it includes vulnerability which allows for a human connection and for others to trust the leader. At all times, and particularly in times of great challenge like today in dealing with Covid, it takes courage and discipline to be authentic.

I would like to share with you a few thoughts Dr. Licari wrote for leaders facing this challenge.

Dr. Licari makes these critical points for us to consider:

“The True Test of a Leader The past months have placed a number of difficult challenges to leaders that most would not have had to encounter over their entire career.  The test of a true leader is not only to persevere through these challenges but to continue to inspire others to excel despite an uncertain future.”

“Honesty and Vulnerability Leadership has never been about always having the right answers…What we expect of our leaders is an unwavering veracity of truth…Which means many times your best answer may be: ‘I don’t know’…leadership requires honesty and honesty requires you to be vulnerable.  Vulnerability separates the leaders that are mediocre from those that are great.”   

Dr. Licari generously acknowledged the difference that transformational work has made for himself, his faculty and administrators:

“Leaders are not born but rather developed…Developing my insights into unlocking leadership’s potential in engaging effective teams to take on bold challenges that make a difference, started with the work of Barry Pogorel and his unique approach to revolutionizing organizations.  Barry’s work goes beyond developing your skills for individual growth to fully engaging and empowering your leadership team to create a new future that will actually make a difference in the lives of everyone in your organization. “

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