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Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership
Los Angeles Course, August 2018

We promise that you will leave the Course being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression in any leadership situation, no matter the circumstances.

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What Clients Say

Kevin Weaver
Grammy award winning music producer, President of Atlantic Records, West Coast

Working with Barry has been an incredible experience for me. Through his executive leadership philosophies and strategies, I have been able to develop into a better manager and leader, while also learning techniques to help create more connected relationships in business. My executive coaching work with Barry has proven to be an invaluable resource to me and Atlantic Records.

Carl-MarciCarl Marci, M.D.
Rhodes Scholar, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Innerscope Research, faculty of Harvard Medical School, a leader in the fields of social neuroscience and neuromarketing

Transformation is not a trivial task and we live in dynamic times that demand dynamic and thoughtful leadership.  Working with Barry is truly transformative and has made me a better leader. His multi-disciplined approach is comprehensive and inspiring.  I benefit from the application of that learning to my day to day life and work.

Kimberly IshoyKimberly Ishoy
Former Executive of Global Software Company, IT Strategy & Planning, LDS Church

Now, I can make the seemingly impossible happen – not because I am driven to prove myself, as in the past, but because I know who I am and what difference I make. I am completely transformed as an individual – a better version of myself, unstoppable in my commitments.

Fred KleisnerFred Kleisner
Four decades as Executive Officer, COO, and CEO of five International Hospitality Companies

Barry gets people to innovate, helps groups cohere into powerful teams, and unleashes everyone to go after unprecedented results. I saw already-highly-competent people reach far beyond what they would have done previously, and I should add, through this experience I found my own achievement reach just as far beyond my own expectations. If you’re looking for a breakthrough in performance, Barry can help you achieve it.

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licari_frankFrank Licari DDS, MPH, MBA,
Dean, College of Dental Medicine, Roseman University of Health Sciences.

Barry’s work is about true leadership: finding your voice, inspiring others, and making your vision real, no matter how big or impossible. His work is revolutionary and inspiring.

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Leon-LeeLeon Lee
Former Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Asia Pacific Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Worldwide

We initiated an “Impossible RGI Game”. We challenged every hotel general manager throughout Asia-Pacific to declare an impossible RGI (revenue generation index–measure of market share) — a breakthrough for their own hotel. This game challenged them to strive for what was impossible–much higher than what was budgeted.

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Nanci Sherman
Hospitality Industry Consultant, Former General Manager, Triton Hotel, San Francisco, CA

After attending some powerful coaching sessions with Barry…I wanted to do something extraordinary…The hotel surpassed its revenue goals, achieved the highest market penetration in the city’s history, and everyone on my team was transformed.

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Dave.VucinaDave Vucina
Former CEO, Wayport Inc.

Our improvement as a management team was significant in many key areas (collaboration, accountability, ending blame/being a victim, acceptance of responsibility, interpersonal skills) and that allowed us to execute at much higher levels.

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Mark-HedleyMark Headley
Former CTO Wyndham International Hotels, Founder/President Spiral Horn Ranch

Our company achieved its turn-around mission. I don’t believe the company, or our department, could have ever accomplished these breakthroughs without Barry’s work. If you are the CEO of a major corporation, your dream may be to achieve unprecedented quarterly or annual results with your team. Barry will provide you with the technology to realize whatever dreams you may have.

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Each of our consultants is a carefully selected, highly trained, and experienced master of our discipline. Over the last 40 years, we have consulted thousands of leaders and their organizations worldwide in a variety of industries both in the public and private sector.
Barry Pogorel received his masters from UCLA. His post-graduate work was in The Mastery of Management program at the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia.


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