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The Difference Between Informational Learning and Transformational Learning

  • Transformational Learning vs Informational Learning. To go beyond incremental improvement–to make something extraordinary happen–requires a true “transformation.” What does really mean? Is it simply a big change? or is it something more than that? A butterfly is not simply an improved caterpillar. It has a whole new realm available to it that a caterpillar does not. Transformal Learning opens up new realms of possibility for human beings.
  • What is Ontological Coaching? how does it differ from conventional forms of coaching? why is it so powerful and effective? how does it differ from the usual psychological approach to coaching? This approach to human beings and their performance began back in ancient Greece…with someone named Heraklitus. Ontological-based Coaching deals with Being–the nature and function of Being. It is dramatically different from Psychological-based coaching. It is designed for authentic breakthroughs in one’s performance in life and work.
  • The Strategic Success Formula: how each human being develops a way to win, succeed, make it in life and business. This formula develops in the course of our lives. It is the source of all our successes and wins–while at the same time being the source of our limitations. Identifying this clearly gives an individual the opportunity to produce a genuine breakthrough in what they can imagine and make happen. It opens up the realm of what is normally considered “impossible.”

Uncertainty in Coronavirus: Create a new normal with Barry Pogorel

The coronavirus experience is unprecedented in our time for leaders. How do we make our way through the uncertainty and fear? Transformational leadership expert Barry Pogorel and I talk about there is no ‘going back to normal’. We need instead to create a new normal. This offers huge opportunities! In our energising and uplifting conversation, we get down to brass tacks on what leaders need to do to start crafting their own new normal.

Why you should listen:

  • If you need to know where to start in dealing with uncertainty and acknowledge what is here right now

  • To understand why taking a stand is the most powerful thing you can do to catalyse a new possible future

  • To recognise the power of questions to drive new possibilities

We explore:

  • The Leadership Crisis – what is contributing to the challenges

  • Authenticity and integrity – requirements for effective action

  • Deep listening as a core part of overcoming the leadership crisis

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