Our series jumps ahead with Executive Coaching to Stop Overwhelm

Here’s more of The Inside View with Barry Pogorel

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How does accomplishment turn into overwhelm?

  • You’re on track in your career. Results are strong. You’ve been promoted or you’re working hard on being promoted.
  • Your schedule is packed.
  • One meeting leads to the next meeting or call. Videoconferences, projects meetings, unplanned interruptions, endless emails, people to manage, travel, someone who just ‘has to speak with you right now,’ luncheons, dinners, that unexpected problem.
  • You’re waiting for a slowdown, a break, to catch your breath and to just simply catch up. And…it never comes. In fact, the amount of “stuff” to deal with is increasing. At moments, it’s a little scary.
  • You plan on catching up some evening, or on the weekend. This cuts into your personal time. And it’s never enough time anyway. You experience some guilt about taking time away from your family.

Here it comes…

The work is good. You like what you do. It may even be exciting. But you’re bothered.

  • Where is the time for your family? For exercise? For rest? How long can you keep this pace up?
  • You feel buried under a mountain of things to deal with. You may experience frustration, struggle, distraction, stress, overwhelm, even procrastination.
  • And sometimes, in a rare moment of reflection, you wonder where all this is going. Perhaps you feel like all this is keeping you from making the difference you really want to make with your life. You ask, what is this all about, ultimately? Money? Position? More advancement? To what end?

What aspect of this resonates most? What sounds like the inner thoughts that rise unbidden about your own life?

Too many executives hide their real answer to this question from others— and from themselves.

The amount of work is increasing everywhere. How do you deal with it all?

The old fashioned “time-management” systems—prioritizing into A’s, B’s, C’s and 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, etc. just doesn’t work anymore.

Most available systems were designed at a time prior to the deluge of work we are all facing now.

Incremental improvement is not even close to what you need.

Is there a way out of overwhelm that actually works?

It may look impossible.

And… YES, there is an alternative.

It is a brilliant new approach that produces a genuine breakthrough in your ability to deal with everything you have to do and handle in your entire life, leaving nothing out.

A new methodology that includes:

    • new principles,
    • work habits, and
    • a structure/system that leaves you with power, freedom, and peace of mind.

… is what it takes to end overwhelm and stress, to exponentially increase your productivity and effectiveness.

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