As our series on Executive Coaching heads to a new year, we offer a clear path to the source of Revolutionary Results.

Consider the energy of the word itself:

Revolutionary = innovative, outside or beyond the established and predictable, providing new difference-making possibilities and opportunities, altering the trajectory from past to present to future so that something beneficially unprecedented can happen.

To produce a revolutionary result, a result you’ve not produced before, you need to take actions you’ve not taken before, which requires you to think in ways you’ve not thought before. It’s about revolutionary thinking, action, and results as a flow.

BarryPogorelLeadership executive coaching for revolutionary results

How do you think in new ways?

One powerful access is to identify your habitual ways of thinking: to identify the patterns, formulas, and the familiar so that you can go beyond these.

If you apply this to a team, there is one additional dimension—how the team members relate to each other. It means the team must interact in ways they’ve not interacted before, to think together in new ways, to act in new ways together, to produce unprecedented results.

For a group to become a revolutionary team, they must have a new level of trust and collaboration with each other. This requires:

  • Candor—honesty and forthright communication with each other—saying what has to be said.
  • Count-on-ability—when you say you’ll do something, you do it and do it when you said you would.
  • Listening deeply, hearing each other fully—putting aside all preconceptions, assumptions, biases, prejudices about what others are saying and listen for what you’ve not heard before to expand your own thinking.
  • Establishing alignment among all team members, without reservations, on the objectives to be achieved.
  • Expressing gratitude and thanks for each other, for what each person contributes to the team’s efforts. Accomplishments are recognized.
  • Having each other’s back and rooting for not only the team’s success, but each other’s success.

I transform individuals and teams to become the source of Revolutionary Results.

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