Your Word is your bond

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In 2012, I wrote:People in an organization must collaborate, coordinate their actions, count on each other. They must operate beyond excuses, reasons, and justifications for why something did or did not happen. When people relate to their word as their bond, then they do what they said they would do and they insist on the same from others.  Relating to word-as-bond builds trust and deeper relationships. The deeper the trust between people, the bigger the challenges they can take on, and the bigger the problems they can tackle…”*

Do you make bold commitments? Do you ask for bold commitments from those you lead? Do you include both “what” and “by when”? Do you hold yourself and others to account for what is committed to?

This is an essential practice to accomplish the Impossible. And a powerful way to develop character.

Transformation of an organization begins with the transformation of its leadership.

* “Leadership” by Barry Pogorel, from The Book on Business from A to Z edited by Daniel Feiman and Ted Whetstone, 2012.

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  1. I like to think of members of an organization as spokes in a wheel. Each spoke is necessary for the wheel to go round – for the organization to move forward. It is not unusual to see football team captains holding hands as they walk to the center of the field for the coin toss. They do so with mutual trust and commitment to the goal of victory. That trust would be destroyed if one captain was holding a gag palm buzzer and surprised a teammate with a mild shock when hands were grasped. If trust is taken lightly or not valued in an organization, suspicion replaces trust and the “wheel” stop turning.

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