After attending some powerful coaching sessions with Barry, I put the newfound ideas into practice. I wanted to do something extraordinary.  My objective was to lead all hotels I managed to number one in their competitive set. I was running Hotel Triton in San Francisco at the time known as the “hippest hotel in America.” At a General Managers’ retreat, I stood up and committed to 100% occupancy in the month of August of that coming summer. No one to my knowledge anywhere, short of hotels dealing with local disaster teams, nailed 100% each day for 31 days.  100% means not even one room running empty.  At first my executive team was dumbfounded, resistant. Standing in what I had committed to, we talked about what it would take. We all got inspired and they took on the quest with me. That summer we accomplished the extraordinary—we achieved 100% occupancy throughout August.  The hotel surpassed its revenue goals, achieved the highest market penetration in the city’s history, and everyone on my team was transformed—each person went on to accomplish many things professionally and personally that they would never have taken on before.

– Nanci Sherman, Hospitality Industry Consultant, Former General Manager, Triton Hotel, San Francisco