Mark-HedleyIf the executive team and staff could turn the company around, it would be one of the greatest successes of my career.

By the conclusion of our time with Barry, I had become a different kind of leader. My wife, my kids, and my employees all noticed something different. Peace at home and quality time with my wife and kids became a daily event. Projects at work that once seemed insurmountable became realities. My employees worked together taking on roles and responsibilities I never would have thought possible. Over the next few years our Information Technology staff created breakthroughs that revolutionized our industry. We subsequently obtained the coveted “CIO 100 Award” and the “Computerworld 100 Award” for two consecutive years; Hospitality Technology Leadership Awards; Best in Class Awards; and other distinguished honors. Our company achieved its turn-around mission as well. I don’t believe the company, or our department, could have ever accomplish these breakthroughs without Barry’s work.

I interpreted his performance technology as a possibility of personal and professional transformation. If you are the CEO of a major corporation, your dream may be to achieve unprecedented quarterly or annual results with your team. Barry will provide you with the technology to realize whatever dreams you may have.”

– Mark Hedley, Former CTO Wyndham International Hotels, Founder/President Spiral Horn Ranch