“Our improvement as a management team was significant in many key areas (collaboration, accountability, ending blame/being a victim, acceptance of responsibility, interpersonal skills) and that allowed us to execute at much higher levels.   In addition, nothing was a given: we questioned many things we would not have in the past and were much more capable of setting new and higher targets of productivity.  We were successful in moving beyond our own formula for success, once we understood that it alone had its limits.  That allowed us to comfortably define new and higher productivity targets and achieve them.  We were willing to risk our past success formula to reach new levels of success.

Over 30+ years of business dealings,  mixed with a steady diet of business and life books,  regular attendance of every seminar known to man,  and even a sabbatical from work in the middle of my career to live and learn executively while buried at Stanford for three weeks,  never made this kind of an impact or difference.  The technology utilized by Barry is the single most explosive and productive learning experience I have experienced in life to date.  His work is engaging, dynamic, mind blowing, revealing, and most importantly, results oriented.

When we went to renew our large McDonalds contract, McDonalds wanted to receive a lower price on the renewal.  Many companies would give a lower price to keep a large, important and prestigious contract like McDonalds, and easily be able to justify that position.  A strong company performance for us in the past would have been renewing and keeping the price the same.  Because of your work, we conducted analysis on the value we drove to McDonalds and decided we could “increase” the price.  ATT was the main beneficiary of the McDonalds price increase, and pretty surprised we executed on it.  For sure it added value to our deal with them during their due diligence process.”

-Dave Vucina, former CEO Wayport Inc., now part of AT&T Wireless