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Leading in the Zone is about the impossible.

Each of us relies on certain strengths, talents, and skills to succeed. This is how we produce all our successes. What is not so obvious is that these same powers also define what is possible and what is not, what can and cannot be done.   While providing results, they also limit–an invisible barrier to anything beyond them.

Leading in the Zone is about transcending these familiar ways of functioning, with their inherent constraints, and opening up a realm in which you are able to accomplish what you have considered impossible. In extreme athletics, this is called flow: clarity, intuitively doing the right thing, seeing the way of least resistance. It is a state of intense presence, free of past thinking and action. Calm passion.

In this state, there are no constraints. Ultimate performance as a leader. Taking on something extraordinary and making it happen.

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  1. I am looking forward to collaborating in this blog and learning what others are doing as we all embark on this journey together……climbing the mountain with no top.

    1. Post

      Sorry for the delay, Mark. What you’ve created is brilliant. Glad our work together has been so useful to you. My warmest regards to you.

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